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Joe Pollard
10:00:39 AM
MEN'S BIBLE STUDY TESTIMONY People have said that the Saturday morning Bible study is just another Bible study. It is far from that because what we have in our Bible study I believe is the diversity of the body of Christ as explained in His Word. Saturday morning have helped me to come to a greater understanding of God's word because of the diversity that we have. Helping me grow and challenging me to do what I know is right instead of being lazy in the word as I often am. I owe a big thanks to Carl Hardies for inviting me at the time that he did because the Bible study help fill a large gap in my spiritual life because I was between churches at the time and have never been in that situation before. Outside of my friendship with Mike Wingerter this is the first time that I could actually say that I have fellowship with brothers in Christ as a group. It's too hard to put into words what you've all meant to me.
Alice Marketti
09:32:20 AM
EZRA PROJECT TESTIMONY I am honored to say the least that you invite me to participate in such a glorious event and I want to say a BIG thank you, I’m overwhelmed with JOY! I brought my boys with me at one of the sittings and allowed them to read a part of scripture, I honestly think that we are making history here with this and I want them to get involved with this so they can see how important Gods word really is. I plan on reserving an 8 hour slot for the next time and really get the people of hillside discipleship church involved as well. The members that did participate absolutely LOVED it and can’t wait to do it again. Here’s my testimony; I feel God with me quite often as I talk to him BUT, I have never sat and read ANYTHING from Psalms. While I was there I read psalms 5 all the way to psalm 59 I think…and I had to fight back the tears as I’m reading because GOD was sitting there with me the whole time! I felt it Randy. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for what you and Nancy do for the community! Alice Marketti March 26, 2015
Kendra Petty
01:29:35 PM
I was asked to share with everyone how much the watchnight prayer times have impacted my life. The last two years have been a very difficult time for me. I’ve never doubted that God has been near me, but I just couldn’t seem to break out of a darkness that seemed to hover over me. I continued to pray that He would break through and bring me back to life. I missed the first watchnight prayer gathering, but I made it to the second. I almost didn’t go. I’m so glad I did though because God used it to break through to me. All my burdens were lifted, sin in my life was dealt with and His severe mercy washed over me. I was so energized and uplifted from that night I could hardly wait for the next gathering. I’m so grateful to God for what He is doing in my life and I know He is working in our community too. I encourage everyone to come to a watchnight prayer gathering and see how God will use the time to change you.
Dawn Ferguson
12:47:35 PM
N2NCU Testimony As my relationship with the Lord was deepening, I found myself asking the questions, “If my Bible was stripped from me today, would I have enough of God’s Word hidden in my heart to be an effective witness for Christ? What if I was then faced with persecution, or torture, or even death for the sake of Jesus? Is my relationship with my Savior such that I would not deny Him?” (Christians around the world are faced with these situations daily.) Prompted by these questions, I was praying, “Lord, I know that I need an even more solid foundation of the Word of God in my life than I have right now, but how do I go about doing that? How do I get started?” The very morning that I prayed that prayer, Randy Williams from The Center for Discipleship (“The C”) came to our church to share about the Nation 2 Nation Christian University (N2NCU) classes that would be facilitated at “The C”. Immediately, I knew that it was God answering my prayer. The N2NCU classes have been a 3-fold blessing in my life: 1. I am growing in knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. 2. My personal desire to study the Word and to live a life without compromise has exploded. 3. The encouragement and close fellowship with other believers who share a passion for God is awesome! I thank the Lord for His answer to my prayer: N2NCU.
Kurt Nagy
04:24:17 AM
I have had the opportunity to facilitate two Men's Bible study groups at Imlay City Christian Reformed Church with Randy Williams. Randy was a very effective communicator, leader, and educator of God's word to the men in our group. He provided leadership and understanding of God's word which enhanced the experience for the men that attended. He was a calming mentor to me on how to lead and initiate group discussion. We were blessed to have him as part of our team. Kurt Nagy Deacon Imlay City Christian Reformed Church
Barry Marino
10:10:42 AM
website well done, easy to navigate and helpful finding in areas of interest
Lawrence Zink
09:26:37 AM
I want to commend you on the quality and professionalism of your website!