National Governors Prayer Team
The National Governors' Prayer Team is a cooperative effort of individuals, independent Christian ministries and businesses working together to intercede for and on behalf of all those in authority including the position Governor in their state according to 
1 Timothy 2: 1-4.
The National Governor's Prayer Team is a nonpartisan, nondenominational all volunteer organization that respects the burden of responsibility on those in leadership. As citizen's we feel it is our civic responsibility to uphold these leaders in prayer.

Serving up fresh prayer since 2004 Nationally and since 2018 in Michigan!  ~Randy Williams, Michigan State Prayer Leader 

Weekly conference call to share updates, prayer requests and to intercede for our Governor and State government leaders.

1st Friday of each month 7:00-7:30 pm
Call: (302) 202-1108 and enter this code 506873 when prompted.

Our Foundation Prayer: "Jesus we pray to You for guidance as we from many denominations come together under your umbrella to pray for our leaders. Let us all come together in peace and be Christ centered as we pray for them, their wives or husbands and children as they embark in this roll of leader. May God's Blessing, His very hand, be on them one and all. In Jesus name, Amen."

Thanks for joining in! ~Randy

Video of recent prayer at the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer